We’re changing and we keep getting better

We are changing the face of Legacy to better serve our real estate partners and our home buying clients.

Our Partners: Legacy has added 2 customer service reps to be in contact with our realtor friends and their offices. Each real estate office will have a customer service rep who will maintain constant contact, provide inspection support and arrange to special programs to keep realtors informed of new or changing inspection issues. We will be reaching out to individual agents to make sure they are aware of the many time saving features Legacy can offer them. This will be a win- win for all involved.

Our Clients: Legacy now has a full time inspector coordinator whose job is to train new inspectors, enhance the quality and efficiency of our current team and to make sure our clients are getting the best possible inspection experience, before, during and after the inspection. We are putting together the best inspection staff in the entire Chicagoland market.

Please contact us to learn more about the New Legacy. We also have a great presentation explaining the exact meaning and implication of many of the misunderstood issues that arise during an inspection. Call us to schedule a session with your office.

Your time is valuable, call today or schedule your inspection online at LegacyInspect.com!

Contact us for a quote and to discuss your Home Inspection needs today at 847-217-5958. We service the Chicago area for home inspections, mold testing and radon testing.