Sewer Scoping



Sewer Scoping

During a home inspection, the inspector can get a visual examination of 99% of the home. What is impossible to see, however, is the condition of the sewer line from the home out to the street. When the sewer line is damaged or restricted, the home can become uninhabitable. Problems with the sewer line can vary from minor such as the presence of tree roots to major where the entire drain has collapsed.

Having Legacy perform a sewer scope adds a minor cost to the price of the inspection yet can save a major amount in moving forward with the purchase of the home. Tree root removal averages about $600, sewer line repair approximately $2,556 while sewer replacement is typically $175/ ft. with 40 feet of sewer replacement costing about $7,000.

Older Homes and Sewer Scoping

Older homes with clay tile drains are subject to deterioration and damage over time. Tree roots can enter the drain line and cause damage and blockage.

Discovering such problems before your closing places the burden of clean out or repair squarely on the shoulders of the seller and prevents a major cost to you after you take possession.

Newer Homes and Sewer Scoping

One of the common problems we find with newer homes is shearing. This occurs when the drain line has not been properly supported or the backfill has been poorly done. When the ground freezes and thaws the drain line will shear and separate from the home.

This will typically happen within the 1st year after a home is built. This can lay undiscovered for years but eventually it will fail and a major sewer replacement will be required.

Sewer Scoping Procedure

Legacy will locate the main drain cleanout either inside or outside the home. Using the latest camera technology, we will scope the entire sewer line from the home to the street connection. Photos and videos will be taken and included in your Sewer Scope Report. If damage or blockage is found, we can pinpoint the exact distance the problem is from the cleanout.

Legacy will scope from the clean-outs only and will not damage interior fixtures. If clean-out covers cannot be opened then Legacy can return to complete the scope when the seller has opened the cover. Legacy never damages the home in any way.