How to Conduct the Safest Inspection

During the inspection, only the inspector(s) is in the home. The inspector will develop a list of issues, and ideally the buyer does not enter the home or come to the inspection. The inspector video chats the buyer showing the issue therefore there is no person to person contact. This would be the time for buyer questions.

If the buyer insists on entering the home, at the end of the inspection one inspector will walk one buyer through the home addressing the issues while keeping social distance.


SELLERS – Prep the home:

  1. Turn on all lights. Open all doors. Open all blinds Have appliances that are safe to be run to be operating. Clear access to scuttles, electrical panels, etc.
  2. Leave the home



  1. Open the door to the home
  2. Wait outside



  1. Wear Booties or change shoes before and after inspection
  2. Wear Gloves
  3. Wear Masks if others are going to be in the home and keep the 6 foot safe space
  4. Stress visual – touching as little as possible
  5. Create a list of issues to be shared 1 on 1 with 1 buyer at the end or video chat the buyer showing the issues
  6. Send the full report



  1. Only 1 buyer on-site
  2. Stay outside or stay at home if video chat is used.
  3. Be shown a list of issues at the end with 1 inspector or video chat at home or on the outside

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