Multiple Inspector Team Approach

Multiple Inspector Team-Approach

One of the many ways Legacy is pushing the inspection industry is multiple inspectors.

The Legacy process was developed over a twenty year period as a better alternate to the single person home inspection.


We found that for homes larger than 1500 sq. ft, a single home inspector could not perform adequate testing and therefore could not fully understand the complexities of the home. Thus was born the multiple inspector, team process that has now become the gold standard of this industry.


With each inspection, Legacy sends a team of at least 2 inspectors. Depending on the size of the home, Legacy will send more to ensure each home is inspected thoroughly and completely. By having multiple inspectors, we have extra eyes on the home ensuring nothing is missed in the process.


Only experienced, highly trained, licensed home inspectors can become part of the Legacy team. Technical knowledge, communication prowess and interpersonal skills are a necessity.


On top of making sure we have enough eyes on the home, Legacy also prides themselves on the quality of their inspector team. No inspector can be part of the Legacy team without possessing quality professional skills, including punctuality, courtesy and a basic respect for everyone involved in the inspection and for the home itself.

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