Get to Know your Home Inspection

Get to Know Your Home Inspection

Being knowledgeable about your inspection is the first step to success. Read below for a brief description of the major areas inspected.

ROOF: The layers and conditions of shingles are assessed, as well as signs of past or present roof leakage inside the home.

STRUCTURE: All accessible structural components and foundation floors/walls are checked for structural deficiencies.

PLUMBING: Water pressure, drainage, water supply pipes, fixtures and the water heater are evaluated.

HEATING & COOLING: The furnace, boiler, HVAC and AC are all tested for proper operation and indications of recent maintenance.

ELECTRICAL: Amperage and voltage of the electrical system are tested, also electrical panel and all outlets are examined for safety hazards.

WINDOWS: Windows are checked for efficiency, proper operation, damage glass or framing and more.

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