Homeowner’s Fall Checklist

Homeowner’s FALL Checklist

As experts in home inspections, we advise every homeowner
to prepare for the upcoming season.

Home owners who follow this checklist in the Fall have fewer problems once Winter arrives.

    • Check windows and screens
    • Drain exterior water lines
    • Check roof including shingles, flashing and vents
    • Check weatherstripping
    • Check sealing around windows and doors
    • Check septic system
    • Winterize landscaping and remove leaves
    • Clean furnace filter and HRV
    • Clean water heater
    • Shut of exterior water supply
    • Check eavesthroughs and downspouts
    • Clean humidifier
    • Check and reset GFCI
    • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


Keeping up with regular maintenance and seasonal chores will prevent any surprises when it comes to getting a home inspection when you’re ready to sell your home. Just a little friendly advice from your friends at Legacy Inspection Group.

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