We wanted to share this outstanding review, submitted by Alexandra K.


“My clients and I just completed our inspection and I want to again thank Legacy and their tremendous crew all the way around from Bob and Dwayne, to Mary Alice. Each time I work with Legacy I am astounded by the professionalism and patience of the inspectors. I love that they inspect the property first, and then literally inspect the second time by bringing the clients back and explaining the details to them. I wish I could use Legacy on every one of my inspections. There’s only one unfortunate thing keeping that from happening, and that is single independent inspectors may be charging less. Unfortunately though, they are taking more time for the inspection and taking a long time to get the report back to me and my clients so that we can discuss it. At this point Legacy is getting my clients who realize the value of what they do, how they do it and also how quickly Legacy gets back the findings. This is really so important they are willing to pay that extra money. I continue to spread Legacy‘s name around to my colleagues.


Thanks again to Bob and Dwayne.

Great job today!”


Alexandra K., Baird & Warner

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