Understanding the Home Inspection


The home inspection is the opportunity for the buyer of a property to hire a licensed professional to inspect the home and to provide a report as to the condition of the home on the day of the inspection. It can be invaluable in determining the livability of the home, what pertinent improvements must be made, how safe the home is, and how well it has been maintained.


The buyer should plan on being present for the home inspection. It is a better inspection when the home inspector can demonstrate the items he will include in the report, both positive and negative. The State requires the buyer sign a pre-inspection agreement which specifies what will and will not be done during the inspection of the home.

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A Good Home Inspector

The qualities a buyer should find in a good home inspector are experience, professionalism, objectivity, and understanding. With each inspection the learning curve increases and the more homes an inspector investigates the greater awareness he will have of the likely sources of problems. Being on time, neatly attired, and respecting the home defines an inspector who respects his client, the agent, and the home inspection process. A good inspector will evaluate the home, report on all aspects, good and bad, and give a balanced, unemotional report. Finally, a quality inspector understands the buying process and delivers a concise, readable report at the conclusion of the home inspection.

The Limitations

The home inspector may not be able to access the roof. He will be limited by snow cover. He may not turn on valves or mechanical items that the owner has willfully closed or shut down. He will do no probing or dismantling of items. Air conditioners cannot be operated when the exterior temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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