Radon Testing Procedures


Testing a home for radon gas is a unique process when done as part of a real estate transaction.

  1. During the home inspection a licensed radon technician will place the radon monitors in the home. Monitors will be placed in basements, in rooms above crawl spaces, and in rooms on concrete slabs. Typically between one and three monitors are placed in the home for the radon test.
  2. The technician will shut all windows, close the damper on the fireplace, and make sure the heating and cooling system is operating in the required manner. The technician will also seal any applicable windows with anti-tampering tape to ensure that closed house conditions are maintained.
  3. The radon monitor(s) stay in the home for 2-3 days measuring the levels of radon gas in the home. A technician will return to the home once the radon test is complete to retrieve the monitors and generate a report. The radon report is sent to the clients, their Realtor, and their attorney.
  4. If elevated levels of radon gas are detected, professional mitigation is recommended by the EPA.

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