The Legacy Inspectors

Over 15,000 home buyers in the Chicago area have chosen Legacy Inspection

The Legacy process was developed over a twenty year period as a better alternate to the single person home inspection. We found that for homes larger than 1500 sq. ft, a single home inspector could not perform adequate testing and evaluating and could not fully understand the complexities of the home. Thus was born the multiple inspector, team process that is the gold standard of this industry.


Every Legacy home inspector must participate in our apprenticeship program completing our basic education course, performing hands on inspections, learning to use our proprietary software and attending our seminars.

Additional Requirements

All Legacy inspectors are required to teach at our professional training facility in Mundelein Illinois and demonstrate their technical and communication skills by working with novice home inspectors.

Professional Qualities

No inspector can be part of the Legacy team without possessing quality professional skills, including punctuality, courtesy and a basic respect for everyone involved in the inspection and for the home itself.

The Inspectors

Only experienced, highly trained, licensed home inspectors can become part of the Legacy team. Technical knowledge, communication prowess and interpersonal skills are a necessity.


Legacy inspectors must be trained at private inspector training establishments. Our inspectors must be trained in the technical aspects of a home and in the Legacy process.


7 years is the experience level of a Legacy Inspector. They are required to go through the Legacy training program and must possess strong professional habits.

More than just the home inspection

Legacy Inspection Group handles all the services that you need to complete the home buying process. If you live in the Chicago area contact us today and take care of everything with one phone call.

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